Viability of using multidimensional graphics in epidemiological data analysis: case study with respiratory diseases - 10.4025/actascihealthsci.v34ispec.10055

Elisa Norberto Ferreira Santos, Marcelo Angelo Cirillo


The statistical methodology to be used in epidemiological data analysis is extremely important for obtaining reliable and plausible results that can be interpreted in the epidemiological context. In order to carry out a case study about the incidence of the main respiratory diseases in some cities with different climatic seasons, the present work aimed at studying the viability for applying the multidimensional graphic technique known as “h-plot” to identify the main variables that resulted in a higher contribution to the data dispersal. In accordance with the results obtained and discussed, we state that the h-plot graphics are viable to be applied as an alternative method as regards to the identification and collection of the variables.


clusters of variables; covariance matrix; h-plot

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