Contributing factors for farm workers’ exposure to pesticides in the west of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Camila Tofolo, Alexandre Meneghello Fuentefria, Fabiane Moreira Farias, Michel Mansur Machado, Luís Flávio Souza Oliveira


Pesticide overuse is highly harmful to human health and has become a serious public health issue in developing countries,Brazilincluded. Current study collects and evaluates data on toxicity risk to farmers exposed to pesticides in Marema, a municipality in the west of the Brazilian southern state of Santa Catarina. The sectional, descriptive and observational study comprises a questionnaire with open and closed questions. Retrieved data showed that farmers with low educational level need understandable information to raise their awareness on the use of pesticides, starting from an effective assistance at purchase and in management till the disposal of empty containers. Data show that farmers undergo regular exposure risks to pesticides and traditional practices corroborate for the increase in the environmental damage and health problems.



agrochemicals; poisoning; public health

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