Social portrayal of nourishment and repercussions in nutritional habits of pregnant adolescents

Juliana Braga Rodrigues de Castro, Francisca Alanny Araújo Rocha, Rosalice Araújo Albuquerque de Sousa, Antônio Ferreira Rodrigues Júnior, Maria Adelane Monteiro da Silva


The aim of this study was to analyze the impact of social repercussions in nutritional habits of pregnant adolescents conducted by a Primary Health Care Unit in the county of Sobral, Ceará. Using a qualitative approach, exploratory and descriptive, the data was collected through semi-structured interviews at the homes of 15 pregnant adolescents in 2014. Using the material obtained from the thematic perspective, the core issues were analyzed: the nutritional habits during pregnancy; myths/taboos, and intrinsic changes of pregnancy. Changes were observed in nutritional habits related to regularity in meal times and the consumption of fruits and vegetables. During the speeches there was the valorization about proper nourishment, however, the consumption of high-calorie foods coexists. Regarding the myths/taboos, they indicated the existence of ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ foods and the need to ‘eat for two’. It can be determined that the intrinsic change can interfere with nutrition. It was evident that their beliefs permeated during pregnancy, bringing repercussions in eating behavior, and that health professionals should understand the context experienced by pregnant adolescents, in order to provide adequate care.



culture; pregnancy; adolescence; nutritional habits

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